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26pcs (13 Pair) Alphabet Initial Style 20g Earrings Starter Pack

Regular price $ 16.99

Silver only $.89/pair, Rose Gold only $1.25/pair!

Great pack to get you started, individual initials available in the "earrings" category of this site.  Each lot contains half of the alphabet AT RANDOM, if you order 2 lots OF THE SAME COLOR we'll send you the entire alphabet (no duplicates)

Initial is approximately 10mm wide and 11mm in height

20g, 316L stainless steel (rose gold are ion plated)

Please note that the post is in the exact same place on every piece.  Some letters (K, M, N, U, V, Y) do not have the post in the center of the letter.  This means that in order to sit in the same centering in relation to each lobe they will need to be sitting/hanging at a 45 degree angle (if you were to wear them straight one would go towards the front of your head and the other would go towards the back of your head)