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40pc Tongue Ring Sampler Pack Assorted Styles

40pc Tongue Ring Sampler Pack Assorted Styles

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Only $.49/pc!

Lot includes a random 40pc assortment similar to as shown in the photo (photo is of an actual lot but the colors/logos/etc will vary from lot to lot).  Great pack to test what will sell in your shop, or just to expand your own collection.

The photos are each of different of actual lots, and each lot includes an assortment of tongue rings very similar. The value of the contents remains the same with each lot (meaning we don't load up any lots with more of the cheaper items). Every lot will contain most of what you see in the photos, though the specific styles, shapes, colors and logos will vary from lot to lot.

Lots WILL include: at least 7 Logo, 3 Gem Atom Ball, 1 Plain Steel, 2 Silicone Rose, 8 Titanium Anodized Shapes, 2 Plain Titanium Anodized, 2 Dice, 4 Assorted Style Acrylic, 2 Flexi Acrylic, 2 Multi-Gem and 2 Single Gem Styles and 1pc Pink Retainer. The remaining 4pcs are assorted closeout pieces (but none of the last 4 will be the cheaper acrylic style).

316L surgical steel, 5/8", 14g

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