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PAIR Copper Wire Tribal Floral Design Wood Saddle Plugs

PAIR Copper Wire Tribal Floral Design Wood Saddle Plugs

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Organic crocodile wood, copper wires

While the manufacturer lists these as blond crocodile wood, some pieces are clearly made of tamarind wood.  The crocodile wood pieces are similar to what you see in the photo (plain wood, mostly uniform in color), and the tamarind wood pieces have "graining" throughout (gray lines...we carry other products in tamarind wood so search "tamarind" in our store if you would like to see an example).  If it is important to you that you receive one or the other please e-mail us PRIOR TO PURCHASE to ask which wood is currently available in your size, as we cannot say at the time of this writing which wood will be available at any given time.

Do not expose to moisture (remove while bathing, etc), these should be considered fairly fragile and be taken care of as such.

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