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PAIR Opalite Keyhole Hanger Ear Weight Plug Gauge Tunnel Stone Glass

Regular price $ 9.70

Opalite Keyhole Hangers by-the-pair (ordering a quantity of one gets you a pair)

*PLEASE NOTE* - the size ordered will be the size at the point where it hangs on your lobe, however the size at the largest point of the prong (that you must slide your lobe over to get the worn area) is about one size larger. You should consider ordering a size smaller than your actual size if that sounds to you like it might be a problem (for some it isn't, but for many it is)

Select desired size from the drop-down menu
Material: opalite

This is handmade jewelry and is subject to variations in size, design and color. We do our best to match up the two pieces most alike.