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PAIR Tapering Round Surgical Steel Ear Weight Hangers Tunnel Plugs Gauges 0g 00g

Regular price $ 9.60

0g (read below) Round Tapered Style Steel Ear Weights by-the-pair (ordering a quantity of one gets you a pair)

Please note that these are ear weights, not regular plugs/tapers, and will fit loosely in a 0g lobe or very loosely in a 00g lobe. The wearable part (top center) is 2g, the largest part of the hanger (the bottom, where the space in the ring is) is 00g.

You will need to be 0g (or a VERY stretchy 2g) to get it through...think 0g double flare plugs where you have to pass over a flare that is a size larger to get them in, this is the same concept but with a further distance to travel.

The weight of each piece is about 1.4oz (39 grams)

Material: 316L surgical steel