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PAIR Tribal Fan Nipple Clickers

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316L surgical steel bar, remainder of piece is rhodium plated brass. 

Plating can wear off over time. The life of rhodium and/or gold ion plating depends on many factors, especially individual body chemistry and the amount of wear the jewelry receives.  One common method of preventing wear is to coat the portion of the piece that contacts your skin in clear nail polish from time to time.

If the plating wears off due to either body chemistry issues or improper care the brass underneath will be exposed, and reactions to brass are not uncommon.  Know your body and do not purchase if you have had problems with similar products in the past, we will not replace or refund if this happens.  Most users will not experience issues of any kind.

Do NOT clean with liquid jewelry dips; the chemicals used can cause the plating to wear off.

Can be cleaned with polishing cloth and/or warm water.